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Wireless Internet services have become the mainstay of every individual’s life, so step into wi-fi life today! Supporting high-speed internet access, we are happy to offer wi-fi services with enough hotspots in India and abroad. So stay connected anywhere within Hyderabad or any place in the world.

The new wi-fi technology provides us with internet access even when we are in different places like airports, hotels, libraries, coffee shops and that’s done all without the need of wires. Wireless Fidelity or Wi-fi is a networking technology that enables you to access the internet via your computer, laptop, mobile phone or any other handheld devices without the fuss of any wire connections. Places from where you can access the wi-fi are called hotspots, which are often found in public establishments like hotels, coffee shops, airports, restaurants, book shops, hospitals, departmental stores etc.

Now, here’s good news for Airtel customers! The country’s largest telecom service provider Bharti Airtel is rolling out hotspots in hundreds of location in the country this year. So if you are carrying your laptop or a wi-fi enabled smart phone get connected with your friends, relatives or colleagues from any public place, as Airtel is setting up 1,000 hotspots nation wide covering places like, hotels, coffee shops, guest houses, restaurants, hospitals and other corporate buildings.

With wi-fi phones you can get access to high speed internet on the go at a very cheaper price and anywhere in a public place. Wi-fi form of networking technology enables the users to share their data conveniently. Users can transfer data from a wi-fi enabled phone to a laptop or a desktop very easily. Airtel rolls out Wi-fi which is based on radio frequencies, helping you to stay connected anywhere and anytime.

Enjoy your broadband experience with Airtel through its Worldwide Interoperability for Microwaves (WiMAX) technology in Hyderabad. This wire-free networking technology facilitates the access of high speed uninterrupted internet access over very long distances.

The latest standardized communications technology helps us to overcome the drawbacks of cable connections, reaching places where wired connections are not possible. The next generation technology, WiMAX provides wireless broadband access up to 30 miles for fixed stations.

The pioneers in broadband services bring in ubiquitous entertainment and communication through Wimax. This wireless technology also referred to as 4G can deliver upto 70Mpbs over 50km. The IP-based standard technology, allows high speed data transmission supporting applications like voice-over-IP (VoIP).

With years of proven expertise in broadband connections in India, extraordinary 24*7 customer support, and sophisticated Edge network we tend to provide you with high performance network solutions. Grab your internet connection from Airtel now.